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Welcome to Archymeta Infomation Technologies Co., Ltd.

Archymeta Information Technologies Co., Ltd. dedicates to the development of cloud based virtual network technology that supports systems and services which enable users to securely connect their devices and resources anywhere and at anytime.

We also provide products, tools and services in the area of detailed, accurate and user friendly information organization, sorting, querying, analysis means and auto-generation of custom REST relational data services..

Our breakthroughs in meta-level programing and semi-automatic code generation technologies make it possible for the production of end results that reach far beyond what was possible before. The said breakthroughs also result in a flexible system architecture that allows users to evolve their systems towards having better quality, more or better features, and longer lifetime, etc., using economically reasonable resources, rapidly and consistently in a repeatable and predicable way.

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Product Highlights
1-NET Service
Last Modified: 8/19/2016 4:09:25 PM

A system consisting of services and clients for users to connect their computers, smart devices of increasing varieties in anywhere and at anytime. Major features of 1-NET can be reached in one to two clicks of buttons.

Mail Aggregator 2.0
Last Modified: 8/19/2016 4:02:57 PM

It is a virtual e-mail system that aggregates e-mail messages from a set of user's online mailboxes. Using the system, a user with large number of e-mail messages can perform detailed multi-level sort, accurate search and dynamic and multi-view re-categorization of his/her e-mail messages.